In the middle of the chaos that all of our communities are facing, we have the chance to build a new Ireland together. I can honestly say that the team of SDLP representatives contesting this election is one of the best we have ever assembled and Im sure each and every candidate would be a first class representative for people across Derry and Strabane., SDLP announces Derry and Strabane candidates. Upon Mallon's retirement in 2001, Mark Durkan succeeded him as Deputy First Minister. During that time, weve done everything we can to support people with council schemes and also fought against cuts to much needed services. The SDLPs vision is a reconciled people living in a united, just and prosperous new Ireland. In recent weeks there has been a noticeable upsurge in state harassment directed towards local Saoradh members, including intimidation, the stalking of homes and failed informer recruitment attempts by both the RUC/PSNI and MI5 operatives. Furthermore, in the lead up to the 2005 Westminster election, they published a document outlining their plans for a politically united Ireland. Email: 22 February, 2019 01:00. SDLP Headquarters 121 Ormeau Road, . In 2019 they won two seats. [43], While the party is officially anti-abortion it does not apply a party whip on the issue. Met Office predicts snow for . The public health crisis we're living through will come to an end. Parliamentary office House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Phone: 0207 219 3000 Email: Said the Foyle MLA: Countless calls have been made to the Irish government to secure a passport office for the north and tackle the yearly, massive backlog of passport applications. Monday, 27 February 2023 ePaper Donegal. SDLP Leader; Spokesperson for a New Ireland; Spokesperson for Europe and International Affairs; Spokesperson for Climate Change and Infrastructure, Spokesperson for Children and Young People, SDLP Chairperson; Spokesperson for Health and Wellbeing, Spokesperson for Jobs, the Economy and Justice, Spokesperson for Reconciliation and Sport, Spokesperson for the Cost of Living Crisis, Spokesperson for Rural Isolation and Loneliness, Spokesperson for Heritage, Culture and Arts, Spokesperson for Housing and Homelessness, Spokesperson for Climate Emergency and Net Zero, This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 23:04. The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) (Irish: Pirt Sisialta Daonlathach an Lucht Oibre)[9] is a social-democratic[6][10][11] and Irish nationalist[10][12][13] political party in Northern Ireland. Police said inquiries into the incident are ongoing and asked anyone who sees any suspicious objects to report them immediately. AQW 4934/22-27. During my year as Mayor, I saw firsthand the inspirational way in which people pulled together during a time of immense difficulty and hardship. She has a BSc in Social Work and a LLB Hons Law. As relationships across these islands change, the SDLP's fundamental mission is to bring our people together in a new Ireland that ends division, celebrates all our communities and delivers the change all in our society deserve. [23], Claire Hanna, MLA for Belfast South and party spokesperson on Brexit, quit the assembly group as a result. . SDLP. [24], In the lead up to the 2022 Assembly election, party leader Colum Eastwood played down the partnership stating, "The SDLP stands on its own two feet. Derry and Strabane Council has strongly rejected the UK government's proposal to introduce an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) for international and non-Irish EU citizens entering the north . The SDLP has always been committed to delivering for people here, to give a voice to the local issues that matter inside and outside the council chamber. Write to Us 121 Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1SH Call Us Tel 028 902 47700 Or catch us on social media Londonderry-Derry; SDLP (Social . ", "SDLP ends three-year partnership with Fianna Fail as party examines poor Assembly election results", "SDLP leader Colum Eastwood affirms allegiance to Queen 'under protest', "Decision to wear poppy difficult for SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie", "Ritchie's Poppy Move 'Is a major breakthrough'", "Margaret Ritchie: SDLP leader 'to face challenge', "Bird's Eye View Patsy McGlone's Leadership Strike", "Alasdair McDonnellelected new SDLP leader", "SDLP leadership: Colum Eastwood wins contest against Alasdair McDonnell", "General election 2019: A simple guide to the SDLP", "Abortion in Northern Ireland: Where do the parties stand? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 2023 Social Democratic and Labour Party - Privacy Policy - Made with NationBuilder - Built by Tectonica. DCI John Caldwell: The New IRA threat after Omagh shooting, Watch: Shocking footage shows driver caught using elbow to steer car transporter on motorway. Ms McLaughlin said police had informed her of a confidential telephone call that warned of an explosive device left at her office. 121 Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1SH +44 28 902 47700 Win tickets to Northern Ireland v England Womens Euro 2022 match, Glenapp Castle: Only a few miles from home but a million miles away, DD Travel Feature: The Unsung Shores of Portugal, Derry meeting led young Donegal woman to high profile murder, Derry driver who smelt of cannabis fined and banned, Derry workers at centre of 65,000 Covid benefit scam, DCI Caldwell murder bid: Police granted extension to question suspects, Man charged after stolen lorry hits police car, Derry republican loses court battle over cross-border travel notifications. In the 1998 Assembly election, it became the biggest party overall in terms of votes received and the first nationalist party to do so. Inez Murray is an 18 year old from Loughbrickland. Published. Ive written to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney to propose an Irish Passport Office in Derry, needed now more than ever given the upsurge in demand. Ray Bassett was a senior member of the Irish Government delegation to the Good Friday/ Belfast Agreement and its . [17] The party was then returned to government later in the year when a power-sharing Executive was established for Northern Ireland. This incident has been very upsetting for my staff who come to work every day to help the people of this community with everything from passport applications to PIP appeals, she said. Council to create visually aware space for Derry cancer survivor Noeleen McMorris reveals importance of awareness, Competition! Ellie-Jo is particularly passionate about ensuring equality in our education system and the unjust state of trans healthcare across the island. Whether in my career, as a councillor or an MLA I have often faced barriers, but I have always overcome them and it will take more than the efforts of a few idiotic thugs to stop me from working to represent and improve the lives of people here. Ellie-Jo believes that although we cant be united in experience, we should be united in hope for a better future and united in the fight against inequality. Recycling message at centre of 2023 Spring Cusack welcomes garden waste recycling bins for Police appeal over suspicious male in Derry. We will continue to fight for a properly resourced full-scale university, dedicated mental health and addiction support and modern transport links and every single SDLP representative will keep working to deliver for local communities.. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering at Queens University Belfast. Sign up to the SDLP e-newsletter and stay updated about campaigns, new events, news, and the Partys day to day. [26][27][28] The partnership officially ended on 28 September 2022.[29]. Email Jenell Huska 724-694-8231. Friday, 3 March 2023 ePaper The SDLP has announced its candidates for Derry and Strabane in the forthcoming local government elections. He has been a passionate advocate for investment, infrastructure and jobs for communities which have been deprived of prosperity as part of a wider economic package rebalancing Northern Ireland. Derry City have gone top of the Premier Division for the first time this season after stunning champions Shamrock Rovers 2-1 on their own patch. The demonstration on Thursday came just hours after a security alert at the office of Derry MLA Sinead McLaughlin was declared a hoax. Northern lights vIewed from Ardmore near Lurgan, Co Armagh (Image: Julie Timlin) The Northern Lights have returned to skies in the Northern Ireland night (Monday, February 27), for second night . We have also navigated a very difficult period together, emerging from the coronavirus pandemic into a cost of living emergency that has put families in this council area under significant pressure. The candidates are SDLP Group Leader Councillor Brian Tierney (Ballyarnett), Councillor Rory Farrell (Ballyarnett), Catherine McDaid (Ballyarnett), Councillor John Boyle (The Moor), Dermott Henderson (The Moor), Councillor Lilian Seenoi-Barr (Foyleside), Councillor Shauna Cusack . [33] Because of this, it has long been the preserve of the unionist/loyalist community. John Hume's body has been brought to St Eugene's Cathedral in Londonderry, ahead of his funeral on Wednesday. What an incredible #WorldCupFinal. 3. Room 321 Parliament Buildings Stormont In contrast to Sinn Fin, which follows a policy of abstentionism, the SDLP MPs have always taken their seat in the Westminster parliament. The SDLP reject this argument, pointing to their strong support in Derry and their victory in South Belfast in the 2005 election. Cara set up the Dual Diagnosis APG to create more accessible support and improved harm reduction models for those struggling with addiction and mental illness. A strong believer in social justice and human rights, Colum has been a long standing supporter of the Bloody Sunday families in their campaign for truth and justice. The SDLPs vision is a reconciled people living in a united, just and prosperous new Ireland. She was later co-opted in 2020 as MLA for the East Derry constituency. At the swearing in ceremony after the 2019 general election, the party leader Colum Eastwood said: The SDLP, along with Sinn Fin, have long sought speaking rights in Dil ireann, the lower house of the Republic's parliament. According to The Sunday Life, the New IRAs political wing Saoradh also picketed the office of Justin McNulty in Newry on Thursday night holding banners emblazoned with End PSNI harassment and Britain out of Ireland. written by cassoscoop May 11, 2022 THE SDLP's Mark H Durkan has written to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney calling for the establishment of a Derry-based Passport Office to prevent the lengthy waiting times applicants are currently experiencing. Recycling message at centre of 2023 Spring Cusack welcomes garden waste recycling bins for Police appeal over suspicious male in Derry. THE SDLPs Mark H Durkan has written to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney calling for the establishment of a Derry-based Passport Office to prevent the lengthy waiting times applicants are currently experiencing. In a . Ruair believes education post unity is an opportunity to include young people in building a system fit for young people and plans to begin this work throughout his term. I feel very lucky to witness two greatest players of the 21st Century go head to head. Announced on Monday, the Windsor Framework is the proposed post-Brexit legal agreement between the European Union and Britain. A serial sex offender from Belfast is no longer at a Derry bail address which had sparked public concern due to its close proximity to a primary school. For the unit within the French National Police, see, Good Friday Agreement and return to government, Leadership challenges and elections, 20112015, Social Democratic Labour Party (disambiguation), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, Demography and politics of Northern Ireland, "Pirt Daonlathach Sisialta agus an Lucht Oibre", "The day the SDLP was formed 'in the spirit of optimism', "View registration the Electoral Commission", "Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) Northern Ireland", "Shifting Thresholds, Contested Meanings", "Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 1998", "Trimble, Mallon elected leaders of N. Irish Assembly", "SDLP leader Ritchie rules out merger with Fianna Fil", "SDLP-Fianna Fail 'merger': Email sent to SDLP membership says 'continuing on as normal is not an option', "SDLP members back Fianna Fil partnership", "Fianna Fail and SDLP announce joint partnership", "SDLP leader Colum Eastwood: 'Sinn Fein are focused on themselves and on securing jobs for their friends', "Future of SDLP Fianna Fil alliance unclear", "The SDLP-Fianna Fil partnership one year on: Historic change or quietly forgotten? SDLP leader Colum Eastwood challenges Rishi Sunak on investment. In the coming weeks, the SDLP will formally launch its New Ireland Commission, a two-fold initiative that will look at the "practical work of integrating the health service, the economy and all. Ms McLaughlin replaces party leader Colum Eastwood at Stormont following the SDLP leader's election as . FOYLE SDLP MLA Sinad McLaughlin and her staff have been forced to evacuate their office in Derry following claims of a threat against her. Wikipedia policy is to use Londonderry for the county and Derry for the city. Derry City DERRY CITY AND STRABANE DISTRICT COUNCIL Farrell: Derry should have its own Irish passport office Minister for Foreign Affairs passport applications Passport Service SDLP Councillor Rory Farrell SIMON COVENEY cassoscoop It's political wing. Established during the Troubles, a significant difference between the two parties was the SDLP's rejection of violence, in contrast to Sinn Fin's then-support for (and organisational ties to) the Provisional IRA and physical force republicanism. Email Kim Huss 724-694-2780. The Passport Office has been dealing with a massive backlog of applications and has advised anyone due to travel in the months ahead, to submit their applications as soon as possible. Sign up to our Newsletter for updates about the work the SDLP is doing to build a new Ireland. The candidates are SDLP Group Leader Councillor Brian Tierney (Ballyarnett), Councillor Rory Farrell . While its deeply unpleasant to be subjected to this, nothing will stop me from going about my work on behalf of the people of Derry. Moped narrowly avoids 70mph train at level crossing, Watch: Belfast Giants celebrate in the Harp Bar after Challenge Cup win over Fife Flyers. Parliament takes the safety and wellbeing of its Members very seriously. Although not abstentionist, SDLP MPs have protested the parliamentary oath required of every member of parliament. However, the need for a dedicated passport office in the north has been evidently clear for many years now. She was 16 and was gone within two days', "Eastwood brings Climate and Green Bill to Westminster", "SDLP Leader announces changes to Front Bench Team", "Sinn Fin tops poll in Euro count-BBC News", "Northern Ireland Assembly Election Results 2022", "Deal with devil small price to pay to snub the snobs", ", Party leader and Derry MP Colum Eastwood MP condemned the threat saying: "Elected representatives should be able to go about their duties without having to worry about threats being issued against them.. However, the plan was met with vociferous opposition from the Republic's main opposition parties, Fine Gael and the Labour Party, and was subsequently shelved. Colum Eastwood is the sixth leader of the SDLP, taking over from Alasdair McDonnell in 2015. On Remembrance Day in 2010, party leader Margaret Ritchie became the first leader of a nationalist party to wear a poppy while attending a wreath-laying ceremony in Downpatrick, County Down. Met Office predicts snow for Northern Ireland next week . Politics. Tackle Paramilitarism. Very little of note in the 2011 elections for Derry City Council. SDLP fights for survival in Derry in face of Sinn Fin onslaught This article is more than 6 years old Social Democratic and Labour party and its 33-year-old leader are defending one of its last . Elections 1993-2011. He was elected secretary of QUB SDLP for the 2020/2021 academic year. The Assembly and Executive were short-lived, however, collapsing after only four months due to sustained opposition from within the unionist community regarding the role being given to the Irish government in terms of Northern Ireland: it was to be 25 years before the party sat in government again.
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